Educating the next generation of researchers leaders

The major objective of TOP-GUT consortium is to generate an international network of highly skilled and motivated scientists, aware of their responsibility towards the society to generate and implement advanced GI models in industry and clinical medicine.

Photo by Arne Sattler

To achieve the training goals activities are performed at three levels:


acquisition of key knowledge and innovative technologies

We provide the DCs training on comprehensive GI tract physiology, pathomechanisms, clinical presentation and therapies of the GI tract diseases. We train the DCs on the state-of-the-art technologies for generating advanced GI models to characterize GI physiology and develop their use as testing tool for personalize medicine.

The DCs receive training on the properties and shortcomings of current GI models and the roadblocks on their implementation. We give the DCs the skills needed to understand the regulatory requirements and manage ethical and legal aspects for the European regulatory landscape.


path to implementation in Industry And/ or Clinic And


individual career plan and commitment to society

To ensure communication and exploitation of research findings and the future employability of the DCS, they receive training on scientific communication and writing, leadership and team building, project management and teaching, entrepreneurship and licensing, and research ethics and integrity.

The 11 individual research projects are related to one of three scientific work packages (WP1-3) and all DC will participate in WP4, focused on educational standards and network-wide training activities, WP lead by Prof.  Birgit Sawitzki BIH- Charité – Universitaetsmedizin Berlin.