First Networking Event | DCs follow-up

Month: July 2024

Doctoral candidates impressions in relation to the first networking event


I finally got the impression that I belong somewhere. After too many changes in my life, ups and downs, different internships and studying, I can start seeing that my career is going in one direction. I am very happy to be able to share this experience with such a marvelous group of people from different parts of the world.



Feels amazing to be part of such an interesting and friendly network. The energy between all the doctoral candidates and supervisors seems like a sign of the success of the projects. When I applied for this PhD, I wanted to feel like I belonged to a scientific community, and know I do. Looking forward to all the learning and networking along the next years.


Julia Mor:

The kickoff meeting was really exciting, and it was fantastic to meet all the people I’ll be collaborating with for the next three years. The talks and workshops were not only interesting but also essential in getting everyone aligned. I’m excited to embark on this PhD journey and become part of this incredible community.



My favorite part about the kick off meeting was getting to know the other doctoral candidates and their interesting projects. We often think of academia as a very competitive field and I’ve got the impression that all of us in the network want to contribute and help each other out to attain our goals. This feels like a good start for the years to come. 



I am extremely grateful to be part of such an amazing community that is invested to do top class research while building a safe environment that opens doors to essential collaboration. The kick off meeting was an exciting demonstration of what the next years will bring us. Looking forward to sharing this chapter of my professional journey with everyone involved and learning from this exceptional network. 



The recent kickoff meeting was an enriching experience, bringing together doctoral candidates and their supervisors for an invaluable exchange of ideas and support. Moreover, it was interesting to get to know other DCs talking about their projects and even their diverse cultures. The two-day workshop was particularly insightful, with sessions on open data and data management in biomedical research providing crucial knowledge on how to handle and share research data effectively, fostering a collaborative scientific environment. However, I believe that it would be better if we had this workshop later when we would be involved more in our projects and  have more insight into our projects. Additionally, the workshop on gender equality and diversity in science not only highlighted the importance of inclusivity and equitable practices within the research community, but also provided us a safe atmosphere to talk about many many issues and discriminations that we might experience during our life, which for me was a real sense of relief. 



The kickoff meeting was a great start to our program. It was lovely to meet the other doctoral candidates and PIs in the network; through the mix of social and academic activities, we had time to get acquainted not only professionally, but also on a personal level. I am thankful for this cohort of driven, friendly scientists and I look forward to our future collaborative endeavors.



The meeting in Berlin was really good. It was great to see how all the projects make sense inside of a bigger story and engage in super interesting talks. Organizing such things is complicated, but the organizers did an amazing job and everything felt really smooth. The best thing for me, though, were the surprises. It’s always a pleasure to be surprised. I was expecting to meet intelligent and hard-working people, the typical profile for a programme like this. Not only did I find that in the other DCs, but also kind, warm and fun people that know very well what they want. Young people with the soul of a fighter. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to get to know them and their stories. 



I had such a great time getting to know my new colleagues at the kick off. Everyone was so enthusiastic, supportive, and passionate about their fields – that energy is the best way to get started with this three-year adventure. 



It was an amazing beginning journey starting in Berlin. The first gathering was a blast and the excitement was beyond words. During the four days of meeting/training sessions, we not only got to know each other professionally and personally but also gained a clearer blueprint and insight into the project. I believe the TOP-GUT program offers a great network of experienced researchers in the field, training us to bridge the gap from laboratory-based to pre-clinical and translational science research. I can’t wait for the next gathering and see how we grow and develop.



My first impression of the TOP-GUT group was that the dynamics felt positive and energetic right from the beginning. I am impressed by the meeting and training that inspired our project. Our group is filled with extremely nice and kind people with a strong drive to fulfill the goal of the project. Together, the group’s cohesiveness and supportive atmosphere provides me with an optimistic future outlook of working together.